micro niche profit formula


micro niche profit formula
micro niche profit formula

micro niche profit formula
micro niche profit formula

Download Micro Niche Profit Formula Now For A
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micro niche profit formula
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micro niche profit formula

You'll Be Blown Away By These Profit Pulling, Cash-Spewing, Free Traffic Flowing Websites That Pump Money Into Your Account On Autopilot!

I'll Give You 100% Of Your Money Back Just For Trying It Out!

micro niche profit formula


micro niche profit formula money back guarantee


From: Mick Moore - The Internet Entrepreneur

Re: Unlimited Earning Potential

Dear Frustrated Marketer,

Whether you're experienced or a total beginner, your days of struggling to make money on the internet are FINALLY over. Way over!

Not so long ago I was barely making $30,000 per year. That’s about $500 a week after taxes (at best). I was drowning in debt and, like you, I was stressed out.

I would get that sinking feeling in my stomach when the mailman came because I knew there would be another bill I wouldn’t have the money to pay. (Even paying my electricity bill was a struggle!) It got to a point where I didn't even bother to open my mail because I knew I couldn't pay the bill anyway.

And to make matters worse, I developed a stomach ulcer which was now threatening my health.

That’s when my world basically collapsed. I got fired from the job I had been at for over five years!

The stress alone was killing me… My hair had started to turn gray. I couldn't sleep. I couldn't eat. I could barely think straight. And now I was jobless.

micro niche profit formula 

Luckily I had read an article about some guy who said having multiple websites and blogs could replace your income virtually overnight and you could do it in your spare time.

So instead of looking for another job, I decided I would use my time to learn how to make money using the internet.

I spent the next few weeks surfing the web, searching for a way to make money working from home.

Anything... and I mean ANYTHING would do !!!


micro niche profit formula

That's When My Life Changing “A-HA” Moment Came...

Just as I was about to lose my apartment and have to figure out a way to take care of my wife and two cats, I began receiving checks in the mail from Google, Amazon and Clickbank, as well as several others I had never heard of.

It seems that people were clicking on offers that had been advertised on the mini websites I had been building.

Check after check began showing up, ranging anywhere from $20 to over $1,000. All from these simple websites that were running on autopilot. And that was just the beginning!

I could hardly believe it…

By simply uploading a few simple websites and blogs, I was actually able to keep my home and start paying my bills.

In fact, the money began increasing every week. Checks from Google that were barely enough to fill my gas tank were now enough to buy a new car… and a boat… and a new house!

Well, to say my wife and I were relieved is an understatement. That online "Discovery" helped me go from completely broke and out of work, to over $100,000. by the end of that year and sustain that figure for the past 10 years !

And That "Discovery" Is About To Change YOUR Life.

Now you may be asking, what was the 'discovery' that made me a millionaire online, allowing me to sleep in until 10am, and giving me the freedom to do what I want, when I want…

Well, that's what I'm about to reveal to you today!

micro niche profit formula

Ever since I made that "Discovery," everything has changed. I didn’t need a job I would end up hating, or having a boss that didn’t appreciate me, or ever worry about my wife having to work at all.

I paid off all of my credit cards and bought a $675,000 dollar home overlooking the bay here in San Diego.

Jobless and totally broke

My friends and I get to travel wherever and whenever we want. Places like Cabo San Lucas during the week to go surfing while everyone else is at work. Hawaii, Spain and places most people never would have been able to see in their entire lives!

My wife and I are able to give plenty of money to our favorite charities, including the ASPCA to help rescue abondoned and abused animals. Imagine how good it would make you feel to give a boat load of cash to your favorite charity or a family member in need. It made all the difference for my wife and I.

Speaking of BOAT... I just bought this beautiful 37' racing yacht just in time for summer...

micro niche profit formula

And the best part is... my websites pay for the slip fees, maintenance and utilities every month on autopilot!

It also allowed me to give my mom the beautiful 911 Porsche she has always wanted for her birthday. Imagine the look on the face of your loved one when you hand them the keys to a car they've been dreaming about all their lives.

micro niche profit formula 

Now... I'm not sharing these pictures with you to impress you... I'm sahring these with you to impress UPON you the lifestyle you can have by simply taking action and following my proven step-by-step formula.

Imagine being able to give your loved one a new car for her birthday or anniversary or help a family member through a rough spot they may be facing…

And today, I'm here to help YOU!

Now It's Your Turn!

micro niche profit formula


Because when the economy collapsed and I lost my job, I felt like it was the end of the world. It felt like life was a never ending battle and I was the loser in every case. I also know how incredibly stressful it is to lose your job, your security… your dignity and to feel totally alone.

It's not a feeling I would wish on my worst enemy.

We live in such an amazing land of opportunity and I made a promise that when I figured out how to make this "Internet thing" work, that I would dedicate my life to helping others do it as well.

micro niche profit formula

Your success is my success as well, so it's a win-win situation for the both of us.

You get my proven formula how to become an internet entrepreneur and make a comfortable living working from home using the internet, and I get the satisfaction of paying it forward.

See how that works?

You create a new way of making money using your computer and I create good Karma for myself.

We help each other!

micro niche profit formula

This formula is so amazing, it completely replaced my entire income!

As you'll see below, I've had weeks where I've made over $30,000 !!!

And days where I’ve made over $14,000 !!!

micro niche profit formula proof

Can you imagine that?

Take a second and imagine what you would do with an extra $5,000 - $10,000 per month.

Imagine how it would feel.

Imagine how it would change your life.

I'm going to show you how I did it, so keep reading.

No doubt the internet has made available a mind-boggling number of opportunities that were not even a dream just a few years ago.

This Program is not what you might think.

micro niche profit formula IT IS NOT PPC micro niche profit formula IT IS NOT creating videos
micro niche profit formula IT IS NOT Facebook
micro niche profit formula IT IS NOT backlinking
micro niche profit formula IT IS NOT labor intensive SEO
micro niche profit formula IT IS NOT blog commenting
micro niche profit formula IT IS NOT social bookmarking
micro niche profit formula IT IS NOT blog farming
micro niche profit formula

IT IS NOT finding high converting offers

  micro niche profit formula

IT IS NOT Mind Numbing keyword research

micro niche profit formula IT IS NOT laborious backlinking and optimizing pages for the search engines...   micro niche profit formula IT IS NOT death by blogging, tweeting, commenting or Web 2.0 flavor of the month...



micro niche profit formula


All those activities are just plain 'Busy Work' for the online entrepreneur and AT BEST only marginally profitable.

Frankly, if you're like me... We've all been suckered into some BOGUS strategy by a so-called guru.

But not any more !!!

This program...

micro niche profit formula IS very easy to learn
micro niche profit formula IS ideal for established sites
micro niche profit formula IS perfect for BRAND NEW SITES
micro niche profit formula IS Google Update safe
micro niche profit formula IS almost an INSTANT INCOME STREAM!


micro niche profit formula

If you've been studying internet marketing for any time at all, chances are you've come across the phrase "Multiple Streams of income" that I mentioned earlier.

In other words, rather than relying on a single source of income, it's better to have a bunch of MONEY making machines all producing income on autopilot... Day in and day out!

That way if one or more of these streams shut down for whatever reason, you still have the others cranking out income... Day in and day out!

A very effective way of creating multiple streams of income is simply by having multiple web sites,  preferably on different topics.

Now imagine each of these sites having the ability to make you money with Google Adsense advertising, affiliate programs with Clickbank and selling digital and physical products with Amazon, not to mention your own eBooks, software and products, etc...

micro niche profit formula

We've simply figured out a superior method of getting FREE traffic and Monetizing both BRAND NEW and Established websites using the Wordpress platform.

Think about it....

When I build a niche site that generates $5.00 a day, that's $150 a month, or $1,800 a year.

If I Build 100 of these niche sites that generate $5.00 a day each, then that's $15,000 a month, or $180,000 a year.

That is much easier, and less stressful than getting a single site to put a six figure income in your pocket!

The problem with this approach for most people is simply...

"Who in the world has the time and skills to build 100 different niche sites???"

Have you ever thought that too?

Even if you are a skilled web designer, building niche sites is pretty technical and time consuming.

Until now, there's really been no way around it.

But now the game has changed!

micro niche profit formula


I have helped thousands of people start their own profitable home based business through my seminars, bootcamps, books and movies. Before the process of automation, very few of us had the time or technical know-how to build out profitable websites and in mass.

But now that we have Wordpress, joomla and other dynamic software platforms, what used to take a web designer 20 hours, we can do in 20 minutes!

If you could build a new complete niche website in 20 Minutes, how many would YOU build?

These aren't ugly "cookie-cutter" sites either.

These are premium, state of the art wordpress websites loaded with pre built content, advertising and video. You can choose from dozens of professional gorgeous designs and we continue to design more every month.

micro niche profit formula 

Each site automatically includes:

micro niche profit formula A Youtube Video Wall

micro niche profit formula Amazon shopping cart

micro niche profit formula Clickbank Affiliate Programs

micro niche profit formula Automatic site submission plugins

micro niche profit formula Custom Optins and Exit Pops

micro niche profit formula A Complete Blog

micro niche profit formulaTargeted relevant pre written content

micro niche profit formula

These include:

micro niche profit formula Amazon Products

micro niche profit formula Google Adsense

micro niche profit formula Sell ebooks and other digital products

micro niche profit formula Sell physical products from your own shopping cart

It's called Micro Niche Profit Formula, and it's a new, more powerful version of last year’s best selling niche profit system. It’s truly unlike ANYTHING that you've ever seen before.

micro niche profit formula

If you can copy and paste, you can have a new money making website online within 20 minutes, built with the powerful Wordpress multi page configuration. All the advertising is pre installed, so you don’t have any programming or installing to do.

So if you’re sick and tired of people promising software that "can perform miracles," and it ends up being a piece of junk that you have to fight to get your MONEY back, you’ll be doing back flips with the ease of use and amount of CASH these pre built money making machines bring in.

ANYONE can now build their own army of MONEY making niche websites.

micro niche profit formula Get your Micro Niche Profit Formula websites NOW, before they are all gone!

micro niche profit formula Follow my 'Secret Profit Formula' Step-by-Step videos...

micro niche profit formula Upload the website to our complete hosting platform...

That’s it, your finished for the day!

micro niche profit formula

It's so simple!

It's the EXACT same thing I'm doing on a daily basis. And, like I said above, I need YOU to do it too so I can pay it forward and have you become the next internet success story.

What Kind Of Results Can You Expect From Doing This For 15 To 20 Minutes A Day?

micro niche profit formula

If I can make $5,000 with less than 20 minutes of work, imagine what you could make within the next couple of days... The next couple of weeks... And the years to come!!!

It really is that simple!

When we wanted that new boat, the first thing I did was go to my computer, create another couple of Micro Niche Profit Sites and 20 minutes later I had created an extra $500 - $700 per month to pay for the slip fees.

micro niche profit formula


This whole internet thing has become a game.

It's just a lot of fun and I'm addicted to making money now. And I bet you will be too!

micro niche profit formulaMake Money While You're Sleeping!

micro niche profit formulaMake Money While You're On Vacation!

micro niche profit formulaMake Money For A New Car!

micro niche profit formulaMake Money For A New House!

micro niche profit formulaMake Money To Pay Off Your Credit Cards!

micro niche profit formula

I've been poor and I didn't like that at all!

Now that I have money, I’m MUCH happier than I was being poor. You can believe me on that one!

Imagine the relief of having to never worry about money again...

To never stress about bills, never wonder how you're going to pay for something.

Ordering whatever you want on a menu without thinking twice...

So this is it. This is YOUR chance to be happy.

This is your big chance to take action and do what you have always wanted to do.

Be your own boss, pay off all your bills and do the things you’ve only dreamed about doing.

And this could be your only chance!

Think about it.

How many successful internet entrepreneurs do you think are willing to take the time to show you exactly how they made their fortunes or share their secrets to making money online, let alone do ALL of the work for you, so YOU can have the kind of life most people only dream about.

I’m willing to bet you the cost of this offer, not many….

micro niche profit formula

Either you can wake up tomorrow in the same position you've always been in, or you can get my proven formula and tools to make your way to becoming a self made millionaire online.

This is it. The choice is yours. Simply take action now before it's too late!

Remember, “A Formal Education Will Earn You A Living... But An Internet Education Will Earn You A Fortune!!!

No College Or University In The World Can Show You How To Do This, so don’t let your financial past determine your financial future!

Becoming a Millionaire working from home isn’t Hocus-Pocus… Its Focus-Focus!

It starts with learning the ropes... and It’s actually easier than you think.

If you want to be wealthy you need to learn from people who have built their own wealth from the ground up and having a Mentor shortens the learning curve by 80%.

And I'll be your guide... Every Step Of The Way!

Have you ever heard the old saying... "Life is what happens while you’re busy making plans."

Do this... "Plan on creating multiple streams of income online in 2011!"

micro niche profit formula


micro niche profit formula

micro niche profit formula


ONLY 500 250 Available
Order Micro Niche Profit Formula Now For A One Time
Super Discounted Three Day Trial Of
ONLY $4.95
And Only $24.95/ Month For Your Personal Training!

micro niche profit automation
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micro niche profit formula


micro niche profit formula


micro niche profit formula


This offer is reserved for the select few who understand affiliate marketing is THE TICKET to fulfilling their dreams--and the same people who also appreciate that THERE’S GOT TO BE A WAY of making huge amounts of money without the traditional BS work, time or effort.

micro niche profit formula

micro niche profit formula

micro niche profit formula

Micro Niche Profit Formula system is YOUR TICKET to creating a better lifestyle and life… A more secure future for your family… maybe for the first time allowing you to FINALLY live as you've always known you could, but just didn't know how it could be possible.


Most of these so-called "GURU's" want to pick your pocket and drain your bank account dry with their ill fated efforts and schemes.

I Don’t.

I use the system myself. The Micro Niche Profit System is amazing. So far I can give you 125,000 reasons why it's amazing.

Besides, this system is based upon the rock solid infrastructure of the Internet... it’s unshakable and undetectable.
For just a flat fee of $4.95, I get clicks worth $5, $10 as much as $25 EACH. It all depends upon which niche or market you’re focusing on.

micro niche profit formula

It truly has the ability to set you financially free.



micro niche profit formula No Hand Building Websites

micro niche profit formula No Previous Knowledge

micro niche profit formula No Time Delay Before Making Money

micro niche profit formula No Need For An Email List

micro niche profit formula No Need For PPC

micro niche profit formula No Need For Media Buying

micro niche profit formula No Previous Keyword Search Ability

micro niche profit formula No Need For Article Submission

micro niche profit formula No Twitter Or Facebook

micro niche profit formula No JV Partners At All

It’s as close to a secret society of affiliate marketers as there ever was.

Assuming you sign-up before the doors close, you’ll be one of just 250 fortunate affiliate marketers.


micro niche profit formula


Ok Mick... Let me in. I'm ready for unlimited income!


Think about it this way:

If I could promise you the easiest, most profitable way to create money online and instantly start seeing CASH begin pouring into your bank account... not just in theory, BUT IN FINANCIAL RESULTS... how much would you expect to pay?

Here's my guess: If you got this program from any of the big name guru’s my thought is you’d be tripping over yourself to fork over between $1,000 to $2,000 dollars UP FRONT.

And even at that price it would be a tremendous value. It’s probably worth multiples of that.

But I don't consider myself a guru and don't want to BE !!!

As you can see for just a simple payment of $4.95, my offer is NOT about making anyone rich—EXCEPT YOU.


micro niche profit formula


Now at this point, you’re probably asking yourself “Is There A Guarantee... And Is It Risk Free?"

And the straight up answer is Yes and YES!




I think that's fair, don't you?

When you plug into the Micro Niche Profit Formula system you WILL reach Super Star status. That’s a given!

No ifs ands or buts. There’s no way you can fail because you’re not doing any of of the work. It’s all on autopilot.

The biggest question is WHICH niches are the most lucrative FOR YOU?

If you focus on “all season” niches… rabid niches like golf, you’re pretty safe to make major money rapidly. But if you decide to focus on for instance, fly fishing in the middle of winter, or Valentine’s Day gifts when it’s august, well it’s going to take more time to let the profits roll in.

BUT... You'll still make money... That's guaranteed!!!


But--for that ONE season or holiday or niche when people ARE in the market searching, you are absolutely going to MAKE A KILLING. That's Double Guaranteed!

It will be like a DAILY annuity—a daily dumping of cash into your bank account.

Frankly, you’ll need more than one to hold it all.


But let’s be fair about this. I'm supremely confident you’re going to make money--RIGHT OUT OF THE GATE!

With this system, I did and you can too.


Trust me, the cost is insignificant compared to the value of this formula.

Bottom line: Do not let someone else steal your spot.

It’s yours if your're willing to take action right now!

micro niche profit formula

Free BONUS easily builds sites with Marketing on Fringe Software

micro niche profit formula  No  cPanelmicro niche profit formula
micro niche profit formula  No databases
micro niche profit formula  No Fantastico
micro niche profit formula  Build Unlimited blogs Quickly & Easily
micro niche profit formula  Works on ALL Domains, Sub-Domains and Add-On Domains
micro niche profit formula  Free Training and Support Included with Software
micro niche profit formula  Desktop Application runs on both MAC and PC
micro niche profit formula  Integrated Hosting and Domain Services
micro niche profit formula  Video and Written Instructions Included


When you sign-up right now, I will do one more thing for you as a special bonus. It’s probably worth even more to new affiliates.

We’ll give you an additional 10 profit-pulling affiliate websites for you to double the amount of CASH.


micro niche profit formula 


You get your very own custom-built, ready to earn, profit-pulling websites you can point new waves of traffic at right now!

Sometimes, rookie affiliates don’t know which are the profitable offers. Or they’re having trouble being approved by the big CPA networks.

No worries—we’ll do the heavy lifting.

We’ll create 25 profit-producing affiliate websites for you.

They’re yours and yours alone.

... sign up now and immediately qualify to get 25 ready-to-go super affiliate sites and unlimited surges of laser-targeted traffic...

Free BONUS easily builds sites with Marketing on Fringe Software


micro niche profit formula YES

YES... I want a never ending supply of
automated traffic NOW!

And I can't wait to see the money roll in almost immediately...

micro niche profit formula I understand in a few clicks, the traffic will begin to flow to any website I choose...
micro niche profit formula I understand the surges of traffic quickly convert into cold hard cash and pour juicy, FAT profits into my affiliate accounts...
micro niche profit formula I understand I don't need any special skills or experience to start making money almost immediately... In fact while others are spending ten to 20 hours a day behind their computer, I can be doing what I like... with family and friends... on vacation... whatever I desire in the moment.
micro niche profit formula I understand I have 60 full days to test drive Micro Niche Profit Formula and if I'm not completely blown away by the system...
I get all my money back, no questions asked...
micro niche profit formula I also understand -- if I act FAST -- you'll build me 10 cash-generating websites FREE of charge!

All I Have To Do Is Plug In My Accounts To Any
URL I Choose... And The System Does The Rest.

Let's Do This...

Order Micro Niche Profit Formula Now For A One Time
Super Discounted Three Day Trial Of
ONLY $4.95
And Only $24.95/ Month For Your Personal Training!

micro niche profit formula
Your credit card statement will show a charge from CLKBANK*COM



micro niche profit foemula

P.S. So the choice is yours - why not take the first step towards changing your internet marketing habits and start making a profit instead of getting deeper into debt. Click on the link below and you'll have immediate access to the Micro Niche Profit Formula even if it's 2am on a Saturday night.

P.P.S. It's time to STOP chasing dreams and build yourself a genuine, profitable internet based business NOW!

P.P.P.S. Almost forgot... Did I mention that this system of niche blogging has been around from the early days of the internet? Only these websites are on steroids when it comes to making money. It's tested and proven to work!

Remember, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain. I am SO confident in the power and ease of use with this system, My Iron-Clad 100% 60-Day Money Back Guarantee says "If you're not happy with the "Micro Niche Profit Formula" at any time in the next 2 long months, simply let me know by contacting my support department and you'll have your money refunded 100% - all of it - every single penny. No hassles and no questions asked!"

We expect this program to sell out.


ONLY 500 250 Available
Order Micro Niche Profit Formula Now For A One Time
Super Discounted Three Day Trial Of
ONLY $4.95
And Only $24.95/ Month For Your Personal Training!

micro niche profit formula
Your credit card statement will show a charge from CLKBANK*COM